Membership Benefits

Corporate members can maximise the benefits of membership in various ways and we have included below some suggestions.

    • 1. Contacting other members directly

    • 2. Trade referrals

      3. Directory of Members

      4. Corporate Lists

      5. FAQ Sheets

    • 6. Co-hosting an event / sponsoring an event / speaking at an event

    • 7. Writing / contributing articles / advertising in our newsletters

      8. Attending an event

      8. a) Business networking evenings  

      8. b) Business breakfast briefings, workshops and seminars  

      8. c) Business lunch programme

      9. Survey sponsorship   

    • 10. Website link

      11. Member to Member Offers, emailshots

    • 12. Committees & Forums

    • Please feel free to contact the Chamber Secretariat if you wish to discuss membership further.

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